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Lively discussions (sometimes 30 messages or more per day!)
about hardy perennials, bulbs, shrubs & trees grown in
Zones 2-4 in Western Canada. Tips, tricks and recommendations of plant varieties, garden shops & mail order suppliers.


Subject Tags

Although not mandatory on this list, subject tags are very helpful to other
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The subject tag is followed by a colon, then your specific topic or question. If you have no specific topic or question,
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e.g. Lilies: Pink Pagoda is amazing!

Here are some suggestions:

Chat: (general gardening discussion)

DL: (Daylilies)
Events: (meetings, events, goings on, etc.)
Go There!: (URL links to great web sites, mailing and street addresses of quality plant suppliers, Botanical Garden visit referrals, places that you think others just gotta see!)
(new and improved varieties, releases, knowledge...)
(which could include identification and treatment)
Pix: (photos of your garden, your friend's garden - a garden you wish you had, etc.)


Welcome to Cold Zone Gardens!

Because our growing season is so short, (usually around 110 frost-free days) we can all benefit from the knowledge and experience of those
“in the grow”. Mainly targeted at the Western Canadian Prairie Province Gardener from Zones 2-4, anyone else gardening in similar growing zones from other countries are more than welcome to contribute.

Gardening tips, growing tricks and recommendations of plant varieties, garden shops, nurseries & mail order suppliers are heavily encouraged.

This list is meant to be a friendly, helpful and hopefully downright fun place to chat and exchange information about gardening. Flames will not be tolerated on the list, so please think before you send. Common email practice is to use upper and lower case type, not ALL CAPS as this is considered shouting (plus it's difficult to read.)

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See you at The 'Zone!

Shauna :)

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